Production Coordinator

ABC TV | Josh Flavell

In 2016-17, I was fortunate enough to be part of ABC TV’s top rating documentary series The House with Annabel Crabb filmed in Australia’s federal parliament, Canberra

As Production Coordinator, I saw to the day-to-day organisation of the location office in Parliament House and found myself tackling everything from daily data wrangling in a tight turnaround production environment, archive footage requests and preparing call sheets. My responsibilities included:

  • Crew bookings and gear hire
  • Procurement and invoicing
  • Maintaining release database and production calendar
  • Data wrangling and maintaining an extensive footage log of all daily rushes
  • Archive footage requests
  • Assisting in the construction of call sheets and other production materials
  • On-set runner and host/production team assistance responsibilities as required

Here’s how our host Annabel summarised the unique opportunity to film the legislative process up close (and often up late):

“All we see of Parliament House usually is an hour of shouting a day in Question Time,” says Crabb. “But the people who work here are truly extraordinary, and the story of Australian democracy is much deeper, richer and funnier than you would expect. It’s always felt like an honour to work in this building. To bring a broader audience inside, though, was a historic opportunity.”

For more about The House, you can read the ABC TV press kit here or check out the trailer below.

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